Saturday, August 23, 2008

My Stamp Room and It's CLEAN!

Well....last winter we walled off a room in the basement for me to stamp. I had a corner of the basement but it was soooo dark from the rest of the basement and it was not fun for me to be in there. I had painted the block walls robin egg blue to try to help that out but I needed walls. The new walls I painted a lime green and let me tell you, it is bright and I LOVE it! . It's not done...yet. Eventually I'd like a ceiling and something on the floor and of course I must create some things to put on the walls. Anyway...I only had half of my things put away and haven't gotten around to doing the other half. DH talked me into spending the day down there and getting it clean and I can't believe it, but I did it! I feel so good about having it done. Now to use the room and get some things finished that I have to do for RRA. YIPPEE!

Thanks so much for looking!